"Solo of Life" - Lublin, 01.09.2007
Attention!  Competition part of the 3rd edition of "Solo of Life" festival has started.
This year the event has an international character! We invite every person who plays music to take part in the competition.

The competition "Solo of Life" is about playing a solo part, that is made up or improvised by a participant, on any instrument to the accompaniment of background music recorded by Mietek Jurecki.
The background music is available on the Internet sites of Lublin Cultural Centre, Municipality of Lublin City, Lublin Marshall Office, Polish Radio Lublin, Lublin Television, "Kurier Lublelski", "Top Guitar" magazine, and on the following webpage: www.jurecki.art.pl.  After downloading the background music one should record on it his own solo and send a CD or tape on the following address:

   Radio Lublin
   ul. Obrońców Pokoju 2,
   20-030 Lublin
   with a postscript  "Solo życia".

This time Mietek Jurecki suggests playing "solo of life" to a simple, a bit rock music background. The chords are as follows:

   am / am / dm / G /
   am / am / dm / G /
   C G / Bb F / C / C /
   C G / Bb F / C / G /

Sequence of these chords is repeated 3 times.

Applications will be accepted till 30.06.2007. Afterwards a professional jury under chairmanship of  Mietek Jurecki will chose the best solo parts, and their authors will play them live during festival concert "Solo of life", which takes place on 01.09.2007 in the Bandshell of Saski Park in Lublin. As it was in previous years, there will be a lot of professional music awards for soloists performing in final.

A good spirit of the festival and co-author of the event is the Chairman of the Provincial Parliamnet, Mr. Andrzej Pruszkowski.

Honorary Patronage of the event is taken up by Mayor of Lublin, Mr. Adam Wasilewski and  Marshal of the Lublin Voivodeship, Mr. Jarosław Zdrojkowski.

Media sponsorships are: Radio Lublin, Lublin Television, "Kurier Lubelski" daily, "Top Guitar" magazine, "Gitarzysta" magazine and internet portals: www.gitara.pl, www.eis.com.pl, www.e-muzyk.pl.

Motto of this year festival is "Better music making than drinking or drugs taking".
More details soon.


© Mietek Jurecki 2007
by Agnieszka Gałczyńska